We Are Far From Traditional.

We Do Things The  "Unique" Way.

A New Era Has Arrived.

Real Estate Company in Nashville TN with best real estate agents and technology.

          Real Estate with a Purpose.

 The Worlds First Blockchain Operated Real Estate Brokerage.

We are creating more daily opportunities for people to participate in homeownership through tech.

Unlike other firms, we have a unique way of bringing in the client on the experience and allowing more possibilities to create your path.

     Our Mission
   Help Change The World Of  Real Estate.

Our real estate brokerage is built on innovation and a custom approach to the real estate experience. We understand that not all of our clients are created equally. Much differently than most traditional real estate brokerages. Unique By Design Realty is on your side regardless of where you are in your journey. 


This is why we are leading the way in decentralized real estate applications—allowing clients to have more flexibility in the ownership of their processes.

And in return, helping more take ownership in their homeownership journey.

Lease-Purchase, Investing, Education, Credit Consultation,

Unique Token passive rewards,

No Down Payment Mortgages, Selling a Home, and soon-to-come shared housing program.


We Do it All! 

Blockchain Operated Real Estate brokerage in Nashville with Crypto Technology DAO Organization. The Worlds Decentralized Real Estate Companies in the world.

Simply put, you deserve options.

" I can't thank my realtor enough. for changing my family life. We now have a home. - Cedric


""Talk about glad to find Unique By Design Realty."  Our credit wasn't good enough, so the lease-purchase program made perfect sense. - Praveen

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This is why we recieve the love we do.

Real Estate company with best reviews and programs for first time home buyers and home sellers with great customer service.

We are growing fast at breaking the chain to more people participating in real estate.

Our mission is evident as the world's first Blockchain decentralized organization of Real Estate Agents. 

If you are going to trust a company to help you make one of the biggest decisions of your life.
You need a
 "Unique Agent."

NFT real estate brokerage located in Nashville with blockchain technology and investment oppurtunities. Hiring real estate agents and invested board members. Agents and broker operated on Polygon blockchain and reward in crypto.

Get rewarded for just completing an application.

 Loyalty Program

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You can earn our Unique Tokens (Crypto) for completing either a lease-purchase or mortgage application or supporting one of our Unique Agents.

Redeem your tokens for gift cards. Or, if you are a loyalist, you will be rewarded one of our salable NFT (non-fungible tokens) in the collection. The NFT gives the holder real-world access to company products, services, parties, and all of the exclusive perks in the future. 

*Regardless if you are approved or not. NO STRINGS.

It's a game where everyone always wins. 

Bringing Web 3 to the real estate sales industry.

Best real estate company to help renters become homeowners in Nashville TN


ADDRESS: 116 N Main St Goodlettsville, TN 37072

TEL: 615-541-8300  |  help@ubdrealty.com

Nashville TN

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Frequently asked questions Unique By Design Realty. A Nashville Middle TN real estate brokerage and company specializing in Relocating clients. Great programs to help rental location or home purchase with no residence in TN currently.