What is the Rent To Own Program?

The Rent To Own Program is for those ready to buy a home but need more time to qualify due to low credit or other issues. The process is simple, and the approval is quick. If you struggle to get approved for a mortgage, this program is for you. Get a second chance or the first crack at homeownership.

No catch, no unknown fees, no obligations to purchase, but you have every right to do so. The power is in your hands.

How does it work?

Once an applicant is approved for the program within one day, I will assist you with shopping for a home listed for sale based on budget, home area, wishlist, and more, just like the traditional way when mortgage prequalified. Yes, you can turn a negative into a positive instantly. 

After you find the home within your budget and you fall in love, we can then make an offer to purchase the home. All without financing! 

Here are the minimum qualifications.

  • Must make at least $40,000 a year of household income.

  • Minimum of 620 Transunion Fico Score.

  • No Evictions in the last 5 years.

  • No Felony records in the last seven years.


No waiting period for discharged bankruptcy.

Collection accounts okay.

Relocating jobs okay.

Alex Zug - Realtor


Alex has lived in the Nashville community for over five years and is heavily involved in the indie music scene. When not in music mode, he enjoys helping people find the right home for them. Last year, he acquired his license and became an Apartment Locator for Smart City Locating.


He helped dozens of people find a place to be themselves and live affordably in Nashville. Through dedication and determination, he strives to inform and bring value to people in finding them the perfect place to call home.