Credit Repair Consultation Program

One Time $99 Fee for membership

We are offering credit repair consultations and assistance for a one-time fee for the first time. This program is designed to give the right-to-the-point tips and pointers to help boost your credit so that you can qualify for our rent-to-own homes program or mortgage financing. Unlike some

so-called "credit repair" companies. We are helping our clients improve credit scores so that it is possible to qualify to purchase a home which is our genuine business. 

We understand that low or lousy credit keeps most people out of homeownership. We are now solving this with our one-time consultation service to guide you over the hump into a home. With our program, you'll get the digital skip the rent guide, once a month call to go over progress, unlimited email access for questions, and guidance.

Let's face it. Real estate is our business, and we know how to get you to the destination. Here now is a much cheaper and more efficient way to credit restoration to help you get right into homeownership.


Digital Skip The Rent Guide

Monthly phone call

3 included

Unlimited email access with direct responses

No monthly charges. One-time fee