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The First Real Estate Credit Repair Of It's Kind

UBD Realty Funds 100% Of Credit Repair

Our credit repair program has no limitations. No matter the credit score we can help you clean-up your credit report and increase your score to purchase with no down payment. No need to hire anyone else. We have the ability to handle all of your home buying needs no matter your budget. 

One-stop-shop to help you achieve the credit score necessary to purchase a home through our mortgage partner with no down payment. We'll handle the credit and help you with finding your dream home.

Only pay $50.00 a month retainer—this way, you'll keep more of your money into your credit rehabilitation and not our pockets.  *Every penny is 100% refunded when the program is complete. 

UBD Realty credit repair program partners and refers, law credit dispute, unlimited attorney calls, legal advice, document reviews, calls on behalf, attorney letters on behalf of, court representation, divorce representation, emergency assistance, loan document assistance, and more. Provided through - 

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Disclaimer: UBD Realty does not practice law or provide legal representation. The attorney representation mentioned is provided through our legal shield associate partnership.

100% refunded.

Not only will you get to purchase a home at the conclusion. But UBD Realty rewards you by giving you every penny back you paid us.


There's no other company that does that! This is how we are 'Unique'


Start your journey below by downloading and uploading credit report.

Free Credit check

 Free, secure, and easy credit check provided by NerdWallet. Signup and check your own score in minutes. 


*Not a lender credit pull.

Upload credit report

Download the free credit report from NerdWallet and upload it here. Once the free credit report is uploaded, you will receive a welcome package within one business. If we need further information from you, we will schedule a phone call.

After you successfully purchase a home. As apart of our money-back service plan, you'll get every dime you paid us back to you and more.

Start Your Journey Here

Step 1.

Step 2.

How To Download Free Credit Report 

Ready to hire? Or have other questions? Please fill out the form and we'll give you a call at the time specified.

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