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Frequently asked questions

How much is the deposit?

The deposit requirement is 2X the rent payment. For example, The selected and contracted home purchase price is $375,000, and the rent payment is $1900. The deposit due is $3800.

Is Unique By Design Realty, a mortgage company or real estate company?

Unique By Design Realty, LLC is an independently owned and operated, licensed real estate brokerage. Owned and operated in Nashville, TN. We have a team of agents and a Broker that will take care of all of your home purchase and selling needs. Our Realtors have high integrity and will do whatever is necessary to provide you the best home buying experience. We do not provide mortgages or financing of any sort. We, however, facilitate and assist clients with Financing approvals and Rent To Own credit approval. While also providing our proprietary credit repair guide.

Does it cost me to get approved or join the program?

The complete application fee is $99.00, broken into two payments. The first payment is due under Step 1 for $50.00, which will give you access to the home buyers guide and credit repair services. The remaining $49 is for the entire application.

How does bankruptcy affect my chances for approval?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy must be discharged at any time. Chapter 13 active bankruptcy is oaky with approval.

Can I do the Rent To Own program anywhere?

Nashville metro area including but not limited to: Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Gallatin, Mt Juliet, Springhill, Springfield, Hermitage, Lebanon, and Columbia

How does this home ownership program compare to FHA, Conventional, or any other mortagage?

The Rent To Own Program plan differs in a few different ways, but are similiar in some. The most noticable way this particular plan differs is credit score requirements. Under the Rent To Own Homes program you can get into the home you would like to purchase with a credit score as low as 580. This gives you up to 5 years to purchase the home using a FHA or Conventional loan. Whereas the traditional route with an FHA or Conventional loan, you need a near perfect credit file. Though some of the underlying standards are the same for the program and regular course. The Rent To Own Program gives renters a second chance to correct the credit flaws while living in the home you want to buy.

What should my credit score be to qualify for the Rent To Own Credit program?

To qualify, you need a minimum credit score of 580 (Transunion FICO 8) to be eligible for the Rent To Own Program. If you are unsure or believe your Transunion Fico is below 580, you can still signup for the first portion of the Rent To Own Program under Step #1. We will then guide you to checking the correct credit score and help with building the score enough to qualify for the program.

How long does the process take to purchase a home?

For Rent To Own Program. The time frame varies, but 30 - 40 days after finding home and moving in on average.

What if I have collection accounts?

Collections accounts are okay. Here is the reason why we are different from other real estate comapnies. Please sign up. Do not be discouraged from applying or enrolling in our Credit Prep Program on the homepage. Call with any questions.

Where do I view the homes available?

The best about the Rent To Own Program is that you get to choose homes on the MLS/ Market for sale that are within your budget. We cannot show live homes on the market on this website, but once you are sent the application to apply, you can view homes and corresponding rent payments on our partnering website.