Founder & Broker

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O'Bryant Cannon
                      Founder and CEO


O'Bryant is a husband and father of 2. A natural-born entrepreneur with no collegiate education. He started several companies early on. But found his success when he began his real estate career in his early 20s, buying his first rental property as a residential investor. He officially became a licensed real estate agent in 2015 after growing a passion for the importance of homeownership. 

Working as a solo agent and real estate developer under a national brokerage, he quickly found success winning multi-million-dollar producer awards year after year; it was apparent that the job was far from over.

In 2019, O'Bryant founded Unique by Design Realty. A new brokerage concept designed to create more options for people to achieve homeownership in nontraditional ways, it's now the world's first blockchain-operated & agent-owned firm. It empowers others who want to follow a path of service and entrepreneurship as a "Unique Agent" under a new brokerage model that allows everyone to have a voice.

O'Bryant has a true calling to help others expand and grow. This also led him to serve on the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors affordable housing committee. Through his work there and as a broker, he is helping many people enter into homeownership and build wealth. He is notably known for his ability to touch and change lives and work as a mentor and real estate coach. Even authoring the book "Skip The Rent."

When O'Bryant isn't working to grow his company and dominate the landscape, he travels the world and enjoys his time with his family.