Don't let credit scores keep you from buying a home in the Nashville Market.

Updated: Feb 5

If you've been turned down for a mortgage before, at any time, we can help. You don't need perfect credit or perfect history. Banks are hesitant to loan money due to the and risk of debt collectors creating liens on the property when it comes to collection accounts, so they steer away. But with Unique By Design Realty Rent To Own home Program, through the help of partnerships, you can qualify for a home. You can rent a home for sale up to 5 years and buy the home later. With a low credit scores as low as 580 Transunion and a annual income of $40,000 you can qualify. Our real estate company has created more homeowners out of thin air than other brokerages in middle Tn. Most mortgage lenders and real estate companies tell people no, but Unique By Design Realty understands that everyone has made a mistake or two. A second chance to become a home owner is now available. If you are struggling to get approved for a mortgage this is the best home owner program to help you qualify and without high down payment or deposit. There aren't many options for first time home buyers in Nashville, TN, and surrounding cities like Murfreesboro hendersonville, and Mt Juliet to purchase a home with low credit. We are working on changing that with this program step by step.

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