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What are the credit score requirements?


Must have at least a 570 credit score to qualify. Minor collection accounts are okay. No bankruptcy or foreclosure in the last two years.


There are no "fees" due upfront for this program. UBD Realty does charge a $200 transaction fee due at or before closing. No worries! In most cases this fee can be paid out of seller paid closing costs at closing.  

However, you are required to pay 1% of the purchase price deposit. Due when you find the home you want to Rent To Own.


For example: Purchase price is $250,000. You are required to pay $2500.00 towards closing. Which in some cases you get that back when you repurchase the home, no later than 6 months.


 The biggest advantage of this program; is the ability to buy now without any delay.

No need to continue renting while working on your credit score, paying off debt, or saving for the 3.5% FHA down payment. You can work on your credit and other goals while you are actually in the home you want to purchase. You may even qualify for down payment assistance when it is time to repurchase.

Please note: *The Rent to Own program is for a maximum of 6 months only.  

So, what are the disadvantages?


There are no disadvantages. This is simply the more superior program. As one of if not the only real estate brokerage in Nashville, TN offering this type of program. We are doing our work to help as many families in Nashville and surrounding areas become  homeowners.  So we can assure you will refer your friends and family to us after you have accomplished the home ownership goal.