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The Rent To Own Program
  Step To Homeownership

Why Rent? When You can Rent To Own.

It's not easy to qualify for a mortgage right away.


But you don't have to.


The lease purchase program is the best thing to happen to the inspiring homeowner.

With our team. And your patience. You'll own that home in no time. 


Get your foot in the homeownership door and start building equity.



 Sub Par Credit Scores

Even if your credit score is lower than what is traditionally considered acceptable for financing, you may still qualify for the rent-to-own homes program. A perfect credit file isn't required.


NOTE: The best lease purchase option requires a 620 Transunion Fico Score.


A 550-619 credit score requires 2% of the purchase price as a deposit. 

No Bankruptcy waiting Period

The rent-to-own program may be a good option if you want to purchase a home quicker than traditional financing. With this program, you can qualify as soon as 1 day out of bankruptcy for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.


You can get started on your path to homeownership sooner than if you were to wait the required waiting period for bankruptcy discharge.

You deserve the home you want.

With the lease purchase program, you can rent the home you want and not worry about just picking any ole house.


Finding the perfect home for your family is a top priority. Unlike traditional renting. You get to shop with one of our real estate agents to find the home you want for up to a $550,000 price. And rent the house for up 5 years to purchase it.

Even better is you have the right to purchase but not the obligation.

Low Cost To Apply & Move in.

The rent to own homes program is perfect for you if you're looking for a way to rent and ease into becoming a homeowner. With a $75 application fee and only 2 times the rent payment as a deposit, it doesn't cost as much as you might think to apply. Plus, it's a great way to get your foot in the door. Finding the perfect rental with everything you want is easy and affordable.

Ex: $400,000 home = $2100 a month.

Move-in = $4200


Program Benefits

No Dog Breed Restrictions.

This means that any dog breed is welcome, which is excellent news for those who love all kinds of dogs! Whether you have a small terrier or a large Labrador, your furry friend can come live with you under this program. Unlike traditional rentals.

Test Drive The Home.

This rent to own program is a great way to test a home before buying it. You can take it for a spin and see if it's right for you without any financial obligations to buy it. It's like driving a car you don't have to buy. Rent or Own should be the name of this program.

How To Qualify


Min Transunion Fico


2X The Rent Payment


Min Yearly Income


Verifiable Income

* These requirements are for our most popular program.

The ability to pick the home you want.
Go ahead and try; it's Fun.





*More homes and areas are available. Please complete the application. 


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