Who Is The Rent To Own Homes Program For?



Dreamers can dream of owning a home, but it is now even more possible.

Waiting on Bankruptcy?


Denied Mortgage
because of credit?

 If you've had a recent bankruptcy, you must wait at least two years to qualify for a mortgage. Not anymore, couch potato.


If everyone had excellent credit, there would be no sorry and no pain; not exactly, but you get the picture.

The facts are that more than 20% of adults in America are denied a mortgage due to subpar credit scores. The Rent To Own Program opens the door for more to reach homeownership. At least the 580 and above club. 



Relocating can be an exciting venture but also stressful. A host of questions. Where to live, how's the neighborhood, the schools, entertainment.

The Rent To Own Program allows a home test drive, giving you flexibility and peace of mind. 

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The Rent To Own Home Program

Rent Now Buy Later

The Rent To Own Program is for those ready to buy a home but need more time to qualify due to low credit or other issues. The process is simple, and the approval is quick. If you struggle to get approved for a mortgage, this program is for you. Get a second chance or the first crack at homeownership.

No catch, no unknown fees, no obligations to purchase, but you have every right to do so. The power is in your hands.

How does it work?

Once an applicant is approved for the program within one day, one of our real estate agents will assist clients with shopping for a home listed for sale based on budget, home area, wishlist, and more, just like the traditional way when mortgage prequalified. Yes, you can turn a negative into a positive instantly.

Once the client finds the perfect home, an offer to purchase the home will be generated based on the home's sales price and market value. If and when the seller accepts the offer, the property will undergo inspections and close. The client will then move into the home, rent, and get to purchase the house later or not. It's that simple. There's no better option around with as much flexibility. 


No waiting on financing approval

Home Flexibility

Low credit approval

(580) minimum

Bankruptcy is not an issue.

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