The Program. The Possibility. The Now.


Imagine renting with the possibility of owning your home. Now it is possible.

Renters can now rent to own with a 580 low credit score in Nahville Tn. Qualify for lease purchase and buy the home within 5 year. Real estate company with years of expeirence helping families purchase using lease otion route.
Lease purchase or buy a home with a bankrupcty. No waiting on bank ruptcy waiting period to qualify to own a home in Nashville and Middle TN Springfield, Murfreesboro, Hendersonville and other areas. Unique BY Design Realty Real Estate company has a program for mortgage denied clients

Waiting on Bankruptcy

 Traditionally If you've had a recent bankruptcy, you must wait at least two years to qualify for a mortgage. Not anymore, couch potato.

Relocating to Middle TN

Relocating can be an exciting venture but also stressful. A host of questions. Where to live, how's the neighborhood, the schools, entertainment.

Lease purchasing allows a home
test drive, giving you flexibility and peace of mind. 

Nashvile real estate agents and company helping to relocate to Tn. Specializing in Rent To Own program to allow for people to get into a rental location and purchase the home later with moving again. Flexible option to relocation. No need to currently work in state. An offer letter will qualify buyer or renter.
Low credit home buying or rental program in Nashville and middile tn areas surrounding. Purchase or rent without 3 times the rent payment or perfect credit. No dog breed restrictions for rental. If denied a mortgage the lease purchase program is an option.

Avoiding Statistics

More than 26% of adults in America are denied a mortgage due to subpar credit scores.

The Lease Purchase program opens the door for more to reach homeownership. 

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Owning a home is a big decision.  
Why not have the option to rent or purchase it. With the entire market at your disposal. You can rent it and decide to walk away.

Or own it, and realize #homeownershipgoals


Pet Cat & Dog Friendly

No Dog Breed Restrictions


Rent Or Own

It's Your Choice.

Easy To Apply. Easy To  Shop. Try it!

No B*S

Get In Your Home In 3 Simple Steps

Easy to complete rent to own application. Qualify with a 580 Transunion score and no issues with bankruptcy. Our real estate company and partner help with rental; location or first time home buyer programs for people needing credit repair and assistance.
Unique By Design Realty Real etstate brokerage can assist with finding a home in Nashville. Our Realtors are unique in their process of shopping for a home with buyer or lease tenant while finding a home quick.
Moving or relocating to Nashville Tn and need a rental or home. Lease purchase program gives you the option to buy later and rent now. Other real estate comapnies won't help you but our realtors are the best to help individuals qualify for the relocation program.




The application is two parts—Part #1 complete questionnaire. Part # 2 complete full application received in an email. Takes 1-2 days for approval.
Now it's time to shop for your home, unlike any other real estate company. You get paired with our Realtors to home shop; the fun apart. 
Once you find the home of your choice the property will close and you now have the option to just rent or purchase. The flexibility is remarkable. 

The Lease Purchase Home Program

Rent Now Or Buy Later

Bankruptcy is not an issue.

The Rent To Own Program is for those either ready to buy a home but need more time to qualify due to low credit or other issues. Or just would like to find a quality rental with the option to purchase if desired. The process is simple, and the approval is quick. If you struggle to get approved for a mortgage, this program is for you. Or the option to take control of the lack of rental options and transparency. Get a second chance or the first crack at homeownership.

No catch, no unknown fees, no obligations to purchase, but you have every right to do so. The power is in your hands.

Yes, you can turn a negative into a positive instantly.

No waiting on financing approval

Easy application process with Unique By Design Realty Lease purchase program.

Flexibility to choose the home of your choice. 

Credit approval

(620) minimum

Please do not hesitate to apply,  but at the moment credit score requirements are now 620 minimum. 


Discharged Banktuptcy ok