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Yorleny Frisbie - Realtor


The Fun Costa Rican 

I moved from California and have called Gallatin home for 18 years now. I have seen Nashville and surrounding areas grow, and I’m very familiar with the middle TN housing market.

I have a real passion for helping people achieve their dreams and goals. Be it first-time home ownership, relocating, or investment properties, my job, as I see it, is to provide you with the knowledge and expertise so you can achieve your goals in a timely manner and as smoothly a prosses as possible.

When I’m not working helping clients with their Real Estate needs, you can find me enjoying a good cigar at my favorite cigar lounge in Gallatin or hosting friends and family gatherings at my home. I’m Costa Rican, and I love dancing to Latin music, great coffee, and good food.d.

Contact Info
C: 615-497-8971

O: 615-541-8300


116 N Main St.

Goodlettsville, TN 37072

License #367621

Buying or Selling?

Uniqueness awaits you at Unique BY Design Realty - we offer comprehensive real estate services tailored to each individual's needs! Whether buying, selling, or investing in Nashville and Middle Tennessee regions; our team has got you covered.

If ownership isn't your immediate goal yet, don't worry as our attractive lease-purchase option will help bridge the gap between the dream & reality of owning a home. Let me hear what brings YOU out on this journey!

   A look at a variety of options.

Rent To Own Homes Program


Rent to own is an attractive alternative for those looking to transition from renting into homeownership. With this option, you can enjoy the advantages of owning your own home quicker than with a conventional mortgage loan, all while using rent payments towards future equity and credit score improvements! Nashville residents seeking their very own piece of the American Dream can explore available rent-to-own properties in partnership with our team - making stepping up on that property ladder much more accessible.

Down Payment assistance mortgage

Down payment assistance programs in Tennessee can be a valuable tool for prospective homeowners who are struggling to come up with the funds necessary to purchase a home. The Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) offers several different programs that provide cash grants or loans to help cover the upfront costs of purchasing a house. For example, their Great Choice Home Loan program provides up to 5% of the total loan amount as a grant, which can be used towards closing costs and down payments.


Other programs offered by THDA include their Great Choice Plus program, which allows buyers to receive up to 3% of the loan amount as a grant, and their Homeownership for the Brave Program, which provides $6,000 to qualifying active duty service members or veterans. Additionally, local governments, employers and non-profit organizations may offer down payment assistance programs in Nashville and other cities throughout Tennessee. Some of these programs may require applicants to meet specific requirements related to income levels, credit scores, or housing type. Find out what down payment assistance options may be available in your area of Tennessee.

Let me help you get on the easiest path to homeownership! It's that time, and we can do it!


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